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Do you take insurance?

No. All of our services are self-pay.

Why do you not take insurance?

We offer the highest level of privacy possible. If you use insurance, you will have permanent health records stored by your insurance company. By not taking insurance, you have fewer records at fewer places. We keep all your health information private.

Many people have insurance co-pays of $40 to $60 per session, which is not much of a savings. Insurance companies require an official diagnosis from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition (DSM-5). Without this diagnosis, the insurance company will not pay toward anything. So in order to submit a bill to your insurance company, the therapist is forced to pathologize you. This is not ethically possible in all situations.

Further, some insurance companies limit the number of sessions a client is allowed to have. Some insurance companies are now looking to require from the therapist a specific modality or theory of therapy to be used in certain diagnoses, often along with a set number of sessions that someone not in the therapy room with the therapist and the client is mandating.

Insurance processing is time-consuming and often involves so much more paperwork and extra headaches, that counseling practices are forced to hire someone to just do the insurance work. In order to allow for more flexibility and freedom in giving clients the best possible care, we do not take insurance.

However, if you want, we are happy to create a superbill in which we list the dates and kinds of services we provided to you, and what you paid for those services. You may submit that to your insurance company. Please note that when we do this, we are required to list a diagnosis for a client from the DSM-5.

How much does a typical session cost?

The customary fee for a 50-minute session is $175.00. Sessions longer than this are charged based on a fee for 15-minute increments or fractions thereof.